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Seasonal Checkups and Projects

As the weather changes, seasonal projects get added to your “To Do” list. Rather than trying to tackle them by yourself or just ignoring them, call All Done and book a half-day or a day to complete your projects.

Spring: Now is the time to evaluate how your house faired over the winter and identify repairs and projects. It is a good time to patch and seal driveways, fix roof damage, pressure wash your house and deck, and install screens and air conditioners.

Summer: The summer projects often focus on the outside of your house and entertaining. It’s time now to clean or overhaul your barbeque, pressure wash you patio furniture, and repair gates and fencing.

Fall: The fall is the time to start getting your house ready for winter. Projects can include cleaning gutters, shutting off outdoor faucets, removing window air conditioners, putting up storm windows, insulating the attic, replacing weather stripping, hanging seasonal lighting, and adding or testing ice dam heaters.

Winter: As winter sets in, the weather often creates emergency projects. Call All Done when you have frozen pipes, ice dams, leaks, or other emergency situations. Winter is also a great time to attack your indoor “To Do” lists.

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